List Filtering with URL

How to filter list data from the URL.

This is a handy feature if you want your users to be taken to a filtered version of your List via URL.

Here's the format you need to use: ?filter-by-fieldName=fieldValue

In order for the URL filter to work you need to have an Inline Filter set up for the same field in your list.

You should add the filtering parameters at the end of your List URL, replacing fieldName with the name of the field you want to use for filtering and fieldValue with the value you want to filter by. Let's consider a specific example to make it clear.


Let's say we have a list of employee profiles (under with a Position field and want to have a URL that filters the list, leaving only the profiles where the Position is Engineer.

List of employee profiles
List of employee profiles

First of all, let's set up a corresponding Inline Filter.

Adding an inline filter
Adding an inline filter

Next, let's configure the URL, which will look as follows:

Note that both fieldName and fieldValue are case sensitive. For instance, in the current example, the field name should be "Position" and not "position" or "POSITION."

That's it. Now, let's check if everything is working correctly.

Testing the filtering

If you have a space inside your field name or value, you can replace it with "%20" inside the URL.
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Last updated on December 6, 2022