Publishing Your Softr App

How to publish your Softr app.

Publishing the application pushes all your changes to the web instantly. Your application and all pages in Studio are not visible to anyone before you publish and share a link.

By default, your application gets assigned a random subdomain: https://<randomname> and is published to the Staging environment of Softr (not visible to anyone except you). You can view domain and publication status info by clicking the Publish button on the top navigation bar.

Random Softr subdomain and Published status
Random Softr subdomain and Published status

When you want your application to be visible to anyone on the web, you need to publish your changes to the Live environment and share a link. You can do this by clicking the Publish button inside the pop-up.

Publish button
Publish button

After publishing, you can share the public subdomain link to anyone (e.g. "" from the example above). In the next section, you'll find out how to personalize your subdomain link.

Previewing your Softr app

Softr also has an option to Preview the app before publishing to see how it works and what it looks like. You can even preview the app as specific users of your application to see exactly what a user or group of users will see on their side. To preview your Softr app, click on the Play icon in the upper right of Softr Studio.

Click on the play button to start the preview
Click on the play button to start the preview

With the preview open, you can use the dropdown in the upper left to search and select the user you would like to preview as. You can also generate a shareable preview link using the Get shareable link button in the upper right of the preview window so that others can preview your application if needed. Use the device selector in the top-middle of the screen to preview your app on different device screen sizes.

Notion image

Custom Subdomain

You can customize your public subdomain that is assigned randomly (https://<randomname> to "". You can do this from the Publish dropdown as shown below.

Editing the subdomain
Editing the subdomain

You can also connect your custom domain (e.g. For more information, please refer to the Custom Domain guide.

Please, note that if you make any changes to your app content, settings, domain name, etc. after publishing the application, you need to publish it again for the changes to take effect.
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Last updated on December 6, 2022