Create Your Own Template

You can turn your own app into a template to be cloned by other Softr users!

Creating templates is available for apps using Airtable as a data source.

Why would I want to create my own template?

  • Speed up the development process as a freelancer/agency.
  • Sell templates online as a creator (using services like Gumroad)
  • Use it as a lead generation tool for your business.
  • Showcase your no-code skills to build a brand.

How do I create a template?

Step 1: Click on the dropdown menu next to the application name and choose Create a template.

Create a template
Create a template

Step 2: Fill out template info

Template details
Template details
  • Template name: Give it a short and sweet name.
  • Description (50-500 characters): Share more about what the template is for and how it works.
  • Thumbnail: Give it a pretty cover
  • Public link to copy your base: This allows others to copy your template base to be able to use the template properly. Make sure that the link is read-only with copy data function enabled.
Creating a public link to the base
Creating a public link to the base

Where will the template be displayed?

We do not show your templates to other Softr users.

Created templates can be found in your workspace’s My templates folder. You can share it with others via a link or submit it to be featured on Softr Universe.

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Last updated on January 17, 2024