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Organizational Chart
Organizational Chart block overview
The Organizational Chart block is used to represent a hierarchical relationship between a group of items. The most common use case is mapping relationships between organization employees to present the whole organization hierarchy visually. So, let's see how the block is configured.
Please, note that the feature is only available for Business Plan subscribers.

Linking to Airtable

The data for the chart is fetched from Airtable, so, first of all, we need to link the Airtable base and table where our Organizational Chart data is located. This works the same way as for the Bar Chart. However, prior to connecting the base and table, we need to have our data ready to be mapped to. In the next section, we'll show you how to set up a table with organization employees that can later be connected to our Org Chart block.

Setting Up Airtable Data

Org Chart Data on Airtable
Above you can see the table we've set up for our chart. It's a simple list of organization employees with such fields as Email, Name, Position, Profpic, Department, Supervisor. The Supervisor field is a really important one, as it's used to establish the relationships between the employees. Therefore, let's examine it in greater detail.

Establishing Relationships between Employees

As mentioned above, the Supervisor (can be called anything) field is where you establish the hierarchical relationships between the chart nodes (organization employees in our case). It's a Parent relationship, so for each employee you need to select the person he/she reports to.
The Supervisor field needs to be a Linked Record that's linked to the same table, so that you are able to map your employees to other employee records in the same table.
Below, you can observe the process of creating the Linked Record and selecting the Parent records.
Configuring the Supervisor Linked Record field
As, you can see, we've disabled the Allow linking to multiple records option since the Organizational Chart block doesn't allow to define a parent relationship to more than one record.
Moreover, we've left Supervisor field empty for the company CEO (top node), as this record is not reporting to anybody and is going to be at the top of the chart.
Now that our Airtable data is ready, let's proceed to mapping the fields from our chart block.

Mapping the Chart Fields

In the Features tab of block settings we first have the Title and Subtitle fields, which are used to add headings to the block.
Further on, there are 5 fields that we are going to map to the Airtable table we set up previously. Below you can see how that's done.
Mapping the chart fields
That's it. You can now publish your Softr app and present your team in a nice org chart layout.
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Linking to Airtable
Setting Up Airtable Data
Establishing Relationships between Employees
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