General Block Settings

Common settings for any block type

General Block Settings are common for all the block types and are located within the block settings sidebar header.

General Block Settings

Block Name

Each block is assigned a specific name when created, but you can edit that.

Editing the block name

The "#" symbol before the block name is used for linking.

Block Embed

Using the Block Embed option you can embed the block on another website. Just copy the block code snippet and paste it wherever needed.

Copying the embed code

Block Visibility

Block visibility

Block Visibility can be used to set visibility conditions (to which user groups the block is visible) for the block. A detailed overview of this features can be found here.

Styles & Colors

In Styles & Colors settings you can apply custom styling and colors to the block.

Background Color

This is for setting the background color of the entire block.

Background color


Allows to control the Top and Bottom Padding within the block, as shown below.

Adjusting Top and Bottom Padding


Here you can a add a top and bottom borders to the block and apply custom border Style, Width, and Color.