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Block Actions
Delete, Copy, and other actions
There are several actions that can be performed on a block to delete it, copy to another page or application, and so on. The actions toolbar appears when you hover over the block in Studio. So, let's quickly go over each one.


Delete action
Use this to delete the block. Note that this action can't be undone, so make sure you really don't need the block anymore. If you might need it in the future, you can use the Hide action, which we'll consider further.

Move Up or Down

Move Up or Down action
Using these actions, you can move the block up or down on the page.


Duplicate action
This action creates an exact duplicate of the current block below it.

Copy to

"Copy to" action
This option allows you to copy the block to any of your Softr apps. Choose the app you want to copy the block to and select the page in the corresponding dropdown.
Please, note that if you copy the block to another application, any visibility or edit permissions that are configured for the block will be reset. For blocks connected to Airtable (e.g. Lists, Forms), the configs (Airtable base/table connection, field mappings, conditional filters, etc.) will be preserved if the new application is connected to the same Airtable account. Otherwise, those will be reset as well.

Hide Visibility

Hide Visibility action
Use this option if you want to hide the block temporarily. It will stay on your page but will become blurred and won't be visible to your users.