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How to create a blog using Airtable
We've already discussed how you can build a blog using static Softr blocks. However, it's also possible to create a block, storing all your content and media in Airtable. To do that, you can use one of our List layouts to display data from Airtable. Further on, the List block can be connected to a List Details block, so that your readers can click on the list item to open the blog post on a separate page. Additionally, it's also possible to configure the List Details data to apply a unique Slug, Title, and Description and make it indexable by search engines.
To give you a better ideas of how this can be done, let's do a basic blog setup and take a closer look at each step involved.

Step 1: Adding content on Airtable

We're going to add a new table that has three fields: Title, Body Text, and Image.
Adding content fields on Airtable
For the Body Text field, we've enabled Rich Text Formatting to be able to add formatting to our content.
Rich text formatting enabled
Below, you can see that we've added some formatting to our body text such as bold text, headings, bullet points, etc.
Text with formatting added

Step 2: Linking to the table from Softr

Now, we need to add a List and List Details blocks in Softr to display the content we just added on Airtable. Below, you can see the setup we've done.
Setting up the blog on Softr

Step 3: Publishing and testing

Finally, let's publish our Softr app and see what we got.
Publishing the app and checking the results
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Step 1: Adding content on Airtable
Step 2: Linking to the table from Softr
Step 3: Publishing and testing