How to Create a Blog

Creating a basic blog layout with Softr.

Explore how to create blogs using Softr before a native blog functionality is supported.

Blog Pages

To create blog articles, simply create pages, and assign a URL with the following page URL structure:

  • "/blogs/article1"
  • "/blogs/article2"
  • "/blogs/article3"

Blog Content

To construct a nice-looking blog article, use the following blocks:

  • Other > Simple text Block and/or
  • Other > Simple Image Block

Blog home page

To construct a blog home page, you can use e.g. Layout: List with deletable elements, vertical cards. The list should be connected with your Data Sources, so that you can show a good-looking title with an image cover for each article.



Here's an example of a blog layout from Softr's website.

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Last updated on January 4, 2024