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How to configure default styles and colors for your Softr app
Theme section
In the Theme section, you can set the default styles and colors for all the building blocks and then customize them for each block separately (from block’s Styles and Colors settings) if needed.
First comes the Base Text Size, which will correspond to the β€œm” size in the individual text field settings. For instance, if you've selected the Base Text Size as "16px", the "m" Text Size in block settings will correspond to 16px, and the other sizes ("s," "l," and so on) will work accordingly.
Changing font size in Block Settings
Next you can set the default Font Family, Font Weight, and Color for your Header (titles) and Body (subtitles and the rest).
Further on, you can set the default Text Size, Text Color, and Background Color for your buttons.
Finally, we have the Advanced section, where you can set the Website width.
Advanced section
You can set the width to Fixed (controlled by you), Full (to occupy the full width of the screen), or define a Custom width (should be at least 1140px).
The process of configuring the Theme
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