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How to set up custom subdomain for Namecheap

Step 1

First, log in to your Namecheap account dashboard.

Step 2

Next to the subdomain you want to point to Softr, click on “Manage”.

Step 3

Click into the “Advanced DNS” tab. If you see CNAME Record and URL Redirect Record with parkingpage.namecheap like values please delete them.
If your screen doesn’t look like the image above, it’s most likely because you have your DNS pointed elsewhere. In other words, to create DNS records at Namecheap, you need to be using “Namecheap BasicDNS” which is included with every domain. You can check by going into the “Domain” tab.

Step 4

Click into the “Advanced DNS” tab and then click on “Add New Record”. If you see an A Record that already exists you will simply need to edit it (skip to the next step).

Step 5

You will need to create an A record as well as input the IP address provided by us (from Settings => Custom Domain in Softr Studio), as shown below. The host of the A record should be set to your URL's subdomain. For instance, if you URL is "", it should be set to "my" as shown below.
It may take a few minutes for your A name record to propagate everywhere.
You are done!