This is the area where you can manage your subscriptions, payment methods, as well as view your invoices.

If youโ€™re on a free plan, you wonโ€™t have much info available. However, you have the Upgrade button, using which you can upgrade your plan. You can find more info on pricing and plans here.

If you are already on one of the paid plans, youโ€™ll see all the relevant info and actions.

First, you have the Subscription info, where you see which plan you are on and have a button to change the plan.

Next, there is the Payment Method, where you can hit Edit and enter a new payment method. Press Save after you've updated your payment details.

Further on, there is the Invoices section, where you have the list of all your invoices to date. Click View next to the invoice to see the details.

Lastly, you have the Cancel Subscription option. If your subscription is cancelled, the Change Plan button at the top will change. It will become Re-activate if you are still within the billed period and will be reset to Upgrade if you are past the billed period and have switched back to the free plan.