User Groups Based on User Account Details

Setting up user groups based on users’ attributes.

Logged in User's attributes
Logged in User's attributes

Select Attribute

By default, you have user's Email and Email-domain, but if you've also connected a data source with user data, you can select any of the fields from the users' table. See below.

Adding fields from Airtable
Adding fields from Airtable

Select Condition

There are the following conditions to choose from:

  • is – the Attribute needs to match the Value exactly
  • is not – the Attribute has any value apart from the Value
  • is one of –the Attribute is any of the Value(s) (multiple values can be added)
  • is none of – the Attribute has any other value apart from the Value(s) (multiple values can be added)
  • has all of – the Attribute has all the Value(s) (multiple values can be added)
  • is empty – the Attribute is empty (has no value)
  • is not empty – the Attribute is simply not empty and has a certain value

Select Values

Finally, you need to add the values for which the defined condition should work. For Logged in User's attributes, you can type in the values and have as many values as needed (type the value and hit Enter to add it). In the below example, if the user's email matches any of the two emails added in the Value field, he/she will have access to the block.

Email address condition defined
Email address condition defined
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Last updated on December 6, 2022