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Payment Conditions
Setting conditions for one-time product and subscriptions
Payment attributes
If you have connected your Stripe account (in Settings => Integrations => Stripe Checkout) and plan to or are already selling products and subscriptions (via the Stripe checkout), you can define user group conditions based on those products/subscriptions. This way, only the users that have purchase a specific product(s)/subscription(s) will be able to access the given block.

Select Attribute

So, the first two attribute options in Condition Settings are payment-related and are for selecting One-time Products or Subscriptions created in your Stripe account. For instance, you can use this to provide access to a given block only to the users who have purchased a specific subscription.

Select Condition

There are three conditions available:

  • is one of –the Attribute is any of the Value(s) (multiple values can be added)
  • is none of – the Attribute is any other value apart from the selected Value(s) (multiple values can be added)
  • has all of – the Attribute has all the Value(s) (multiple values can be added)
Payment-related condition options

Select Value

Finally, you need to add the values for which the defined condition should work. For One-time Product and Subscription attributes you should see a list of values based on what you have created on Stripe. You can select as many values as needed.
List of values
In the example provided below, a condition is defined so that all the users that have purchased the "Advanced JavaScript Course" product, have access to the block, which could be a List block with JavaScript video tutorials.
One-time Product condition defines