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MailerLite (Older Version)

With MailerLite you can collect emails from your users through any email capture form. All the collected emails will be sent to and stored in your MailerLite account.


MailerLite action can be applied to any block with email capture (CTA, Hero section, Form etc). For instance, if you are configuring a CTA with email capture, you will see the following options under the button Action:
You need to choose the Add to MailerLite option to collect emails via MailerLite. Afterwards, a new field will appear, where you need to provide the MailerLite Action URL to link the form to your MailerLite account.
Let's see where you can locate the Action URL in your MailerLite account.

How to locate MailerLite Action URL

Follow the steps below to locate the Action URL.
1. Log into your MailerLite account, go to Subscribers => Groups, and create a group (if you haven’t already).
2. Then go to Forms => Embedded Forms and create an embedded form as shown below:
3. After entering a name, you'll see the following step, where you need to select the Subscribers group for the form. Choose the group where you want the contacts to be stored and hit Save and continue.
4. Hit Next in the following screen.
5. And here you have your form configuration page. You should scroll down to the Embed form into your website section and switch to the HTML code tab. Here you need to locate the action URL of the form (can also search for "action" using browser search with Ctrl+F), copy the URL (highlighted below), and paste it into the Action URL field of your form.
That's it. You can now publish your form and start collecting subscriptions.
If you're testing the from submission and not getting anything on Mailerlite, that could be due to Double Opt-In being enabled in your Mailerlite settings. When it's enabled, the user that submits the form receives a confirmation email. Only after the submission is confirmed by the user, it is sent to Mailerlite. You can find more details here.

Sending Forms to Mailerlite

In the previous section we discussed how to capture emails with Mailerlite, however you might also need to map a whole form with multiple field. Let's say you have a contact form on Softr with the following fields: Name, Email, and Message.
In order to receive the form submissions on Mailerlite, you should build a similar form there as shown below.
Next, in the form configuration page, you need to go to the HTML code tab of the Embed form into your website section and, apart from grabbing the Action URL of the form, you should get the names of corresponding fields (e.g. fields[message] for the Message field as shown below).
These names need to be pasted inside the Tag parameter of each of the form fields.
In this examples, you need to do the same for Name and Email fields and you are done. Now when the users submit the form, all the fields be added as subscriber details on Mailerlite, as shown in the example below.