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Integromat integration allows you to integrate with any application supported by the service in order to exchange data between different services.
See below a quick video tutorial or continue reading for a detailed breakdown of each step.

Video Tutorial

Submitting a Form to Trello with Integromat

Step-by-Step Guide

"Send to Integromat" Action

The Integromat integration is available through a Send to Integromat action, which can be selected for the form submission button.
After selecting the action, a field titled Integromat will appear below.

Creating a Scenario in Integromat

Further on, you should go to your Integromat account and click on Create a new scenario in the upper right corner.
In the search bar that appears on the following screen, you need to choose the Webhooks app and hit Continue.
In the following screen, click on Webhooks and choose Custom Webhook as shown below.
Next, click on Add to add the webhook.
Name the webhook and click Save.
Now, you need to copy the webhook address and paste it back in the Integromat field of your button action.

Adding the Webhook Address in Softr Studio

Navigate back to Softr Studio, enter the copied URL as a value in the Integromat field.
Now click on the link below to send test data to Integromat.
Go back to your Integromat scenario and run it. If after running it, a pop-up appears (as shown below), it means some data is already waiting in the queue, and you need to click Process existing to check it out.
Afterwards, a notification should appear on top of your webhook icon. Click on it to see the content of the bundle that has been received.
If your test data has been received successfully, you can now add new modules to your webhook to receive the data on other services.

Sending Data to Trello

Now, you need to connect another service to send the data to. Let's assume you've set up the Simple Contact Form and want to send the form submissions to the Trello task management tool, creating a card on the board for each submission.
Therefore, you need to click Add another module on your custom webhook.
Search for Trello within the new module.

Configuring Trello Account and Mapping the Fields

After selecting Trello in the list, scroll down and choose Create a Card as the action.
In the next step, you need to add your Trello account first. Under Enter a List ID you can either enter your Trello list ID manually or choose Select to be provided with the list of your current boards and their lists to choose from.
After setting the board and list you want the cards to be created on, you need to scroll down and map the form fields. In the example below, we've mapped the Email field to the card Name, and the form Name and Message fields to the card's Description.


That's it. Now you can repeat the process of sending test data mentioned above to make sure it's working as expected. If everything's ok, you should already see a new card on your Trello board with the test data, as shown below.
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