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🎛️ Dashboard

The Dashboard is your starting point on Softr and the place where you organize all your applications.
When you first log into your account, you’ll be taken to the dashboard, which will not contain any applications at that point and will only have the option to create a new application as well as links to some useful resources on the left sidebar.
Softr Dashboard
In the future, all the applications you create will be available under All Applications.
All Applications
As you can see, there are three tabs at the top of the left sidebar for grouping applications: All, Mine, and Shared with me. In Softr, you have the option of inviting collaborators to your application to contribute to it (we'll examine this in greater detail further in this section). Therefore, in the All section, you’ll see all the applications that you have access to either as an Owner or as a Contributor. The Mine section will display only the applications owned by you, and in Shared with me you’ll see only the ones you’ve been invited to contribute to. Now, let’s explore how you can collaborate with others on Softr.

Sharing an Application

In order to invite contributors to your application, you need to click on the three dots menu in the bottom right corner of the application thumbnail and choose Collaborators.
In the pop-up that appears next, you should fill in the name and the email of the potential collaborator and hit Invite.
Invite collaborators
This will generate an email to the collaborator with a link to open the shared application and will add the shared application to his/her Dashboard inside the Shared with me section.
Later on, you can also remove any of the collaborators by opening the menu next to their name and clicking Remove.
Removing a collaborator

Duplicating and Deleting Applications

If you need to make a copy of an existing application in its current state, you can do so by choosing Duplicate in the application menu.
Duplicating an application
After performing the action, a copy of the application will be created, and you’ll be taken right into the studio, where you can start editing. The copy will appear in the Dashboard next to the original one.
Duplicate application
Finally, you have the option of deleting any of the applications owned by you. You just need to click Delete in the application menu and confirm the action in the dialog box that appears afterwards.
Thus, we examined how the Dashboard is organized and what actions are available for application owners and collaborator. As you can see, the interface is quite simple and straightforward, and you should be able to manage your applications easily.

Transfer Ownership

Using the Transfer ownership function, you can fully transfer your Softr to another Softr user.
Transfer ownership option in Application Menu
Once the application is transferred, it will be removed from your account. The new owner can add you as a contributor afterwards.
The feature is only available for Professional and Business plan subscribers. Moreover, there are requirements regarding the user that receives ownership of the app. Depending on the features your Softr app has, there are certain restriction on who can become the new owner of the app:
  • If the application has 2 or more Edit Permission rules OR a Single Sign-On block, only Business plan subscribers can receive the application.
  • If the application has more than 5 users, the user groups are Professional and Business.
  • If the application has a custom code block, the following user groups can become owners: Starter, Professional, and Business.
  • If the application doesn't contain any of the above-mentioned features, any plan subscribers (including the Free plan), can receive the ownership.
Now, let's review the transfer steps. Once you click on the Transfer ownership option, a pop-up will open, where you need to provide the new owner's email to make the transfer.
Email field
Next, you need to review the transfer details to confirm the transfer, and you're done.
Transfer confirmation