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The Inbox layout works similar to an email inbox where you select an item from the sidebar on the left side of the screen and its details are displayed inside the window next to it dynamically.
The Inbox layout in action
The Inbox layout is configured similar to the other List layouts, but the field mapping part has some nuances. So, let's take a closer look at that.

Mapping the fields

The layout has a set of fixed fields (4 of them by default) that represent the values in the left sidebar.
The fixed set of fields
Below, we've mapped those fields to an Airtable base, and you can see how they're displayed inside the sidebar. Note that one of the fields is disabled, so you can enable/disable them based on your needs.
Mapping the sidebar fields
Next, you have the optional fields (you can add or remove as many fields as you wish) that represent the details section of the list item. Below, you can see that we've used two fields, and now their values are displayed in the details window for each list item. The fields we've used are different from those that we used for the sidebar part, but you can use the same fields again.
Mapping the details fields
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