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How to allow users to delete Airtable records

For deleting records, we recommend a soft delete instead of a hard delete of records.
With a soft delete, the record is not going to be deleted but will rather change its status to Deleted and will no longer appear in the given Airtable view (i.e. will be Archived).
For that purpose, we are going to add a new checkbox field to our table named Delete.
Adding a new Delete field
Next, we are going to create a new View in our table and apply a filter to include only those records, for which the Delete field is unchecked.
Applying a filter
That's it. Now, on our List, Table, or any other editable block, we need to display the new View (under Default View), and the users who'll be editing the records will be able to check the Delete checkbox, thus removing the record. See how that works below.
User deleting a record from the List
Note: we currently don’t support the hard delete of Airtable records from Softr applications, if that’s important to you, feel free to reach out to us or submit your request here.