Block Editing by Users

How to allows your users edit Airtable data within the block

The feature is available on List Details, List, and Table blocks for editing Airtable data.

Prior to enabling editing on a block, you need to configure Edit Permissions to specify which user groups can edit which Airtable bases/table.

To enable editing on a given block, you need to click the Edit button in block settings as shown below.

Edit button

Next, you need to enable Allow user edit and add the user groups for which you want to enable it.

Only Business customers can add custom user groups. For the Professional plan, the option to add custom user groups will be disabled, and the general Logged-In Users group will be set.

That's it. Now all the logged-in users that are granted the permission to edit the block will see an edit icon on the block.

Edit Icon

Clicking the icon will open a pop-up with all the fields that are subject to editing, and the user will be able to make the necessary changes and hit Save to save them and update data in Airtable.

Edit pop-up

Now, let's consider an example to give you a better understanding of how permissions and editing works.

Example: Changing the Task Status

Let's say you have a list of tasks, and each task is assigned to a particular user in your Softr app. Further on, you want the assignees to be able to log in and change the status of their tasks (e.g. from "In Progress" to "Done"), not being able to modify other users' tasks in any way. So, let's see how that can be done.

Adding a Permission Rule

First, we are going to create a permission rule for our Task List table, where users can only edit the Status field. We will also apply a record-level permission, so that each user can only edit his/her records (tasks he/she is assigned to). See below.

Adding a permission rule for task Status change

Lastly, on the List Details block with task details, we are going to enable editing for logged-in users.

That's it. Now when the user logs in and opens his task details from the task list, he will be able to modify the Status of the task as shown below. Please, note that when the user opens a task not assigned to him, the Edit icon is not there thanks to the record-level permission we had defined earlier.

User changing the status of his task